Forum Announcement: IMPORTANT - Board Rules and Guidelines (Updated May 24th 2016)
05-24-2016, 11:00 AM
IMPORTANT - Board Rules and Guidelines (Updated May 24th 2016)
Before you browse through our forums to create topics and posts it will be helpful for you to know some things about the way our board works and it is very important that you read all our rules to avoid a suspension or a ban. We do not like to impose suspensions or bans but we do need to keep up the integrity of the board, whether by accident or by design you risk being punished if you do not follow and adhere to these rules.

0. Official Sites
1. Board Etiquette / Manners
  • No swearing as this is a family board and we expect all members to conduct themselves accordingly.
  • No flamming or disrespect to other board members including religious, political and racial abuse.
  • No "thank you" posts or very similar posts that add little or no value to the topic.
  • No obnoxious or obscene material to be posted in any of the forums.
  • Always remain polite even if another member is not being polite to you.
  • Create new topics or posts ensuring it is in the appropriate forum.

2. Registration
  • You can't use temporary mail servers to registering here. If we detect it, your account will be removed or banned.
  • We don't allow having multi-accounts on our forum. If we will see something like this, you and your clone will be banned.

3. Attachments / Scene Warez / Copyright material
  • You must not upload attachments which contain commercial copyright material.
  • An attachment containing commercial copyright material will be deleted immediately or at the moderators discretion the topic/post may be trashed.
  • Scene warez containing cracks and commercial content is not tolerated here. This includes bug reports for scene released material.
  • Selling copyrighted material is not allowed.

4. Avatars / Signatures
  • Members are allowed to customize their avatars, signature and have banners. Please keep your banners and signatures reasonable both in size and content.
  • Any signatures and banners containing political, racial or religious references and strong images may be offensive to others so please think before using it. If complaints are received you may be asked to remove it.
  • Advertising is strictly forbidden and will result in avatar or signature removal.

5. Shoutbox
  • The shoutbox is for general conversations among members. Do not use it to make requests or raise attention for previously made requests.

6. Personal Messages
  • Do not send personal messages to members requesting files to be decoded. Post your requests in the corresponding sections within the forum.
  • Do not continually send messages to users asking for decoders or for decoding.

7. Spam & Bots
  • Spam and bots will not be tolerated on this board. Any "member" spamming the board or found to be a bot will be banned immediately.

8. Finally!
  • The staff hope you will enjoy this board and hope to see you contribute in to the community... Smile
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