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Full Version: MGAKill 2.4 (Get rid of Microsoft Genuine Advantage)
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With two clicks in nec-mgakill.exe and pressing one key when asked, you will get rid of all nag screens by WGA and OGA.

  • This is not an activator
  • This doesn't work with Windows 7 WGA
  • It only works if you use Internet Explorer to perform validation. You may also need an unblacklisted serial to install Windows Media Player 11 and Windows Defender (If you use XP).

nice one! any tool like this for win7??
WMP, Defender and Security Essentials have a separate built in genuine check. if I recall correctly, earlier it could be bypassed by a simple registry editing,, but later, that changed and required patching the legitlib dll.

haven't used XP in a long time now, though it still works better than win 7 in many ways. Smile
what is the use of this crack. i didnt get it!
it will make my w7 genuine to pirated ?
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