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Full Version: what is the suitable version of w8 for my pc?
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window 8 launched of 26 oct. 2012. well the are three version
1. window 8
2. window 8 pro
3. window 8 rtm
and i am really confuse what are these.
these are the final beta versions i think but i cant figure out what version i install.
and one more thing if you can tell me about window 8 genuine activation.
you are working on it?
thanks for you reply

my configuration is
64 bit core 2 dual
2 gb ram
non touch monitor
nvidia 210 gc
As far as I know, the professional version of Windows XP and 7 only had some extra features, but in fact it could also make it difficult to hook up with other Windows computers on a LAN if they ran other versions of Windows. So, if you had XP Pro and some other dude was running XP Home, problems could arise.

I only remember this to apply for XP..

However, you can choose either of them, it doesn't really matter. What is a question to me, is why you even wanna run Windows 8 on a regular PC since its really aiming at touch devices.
I'd got with Windows 8 Pro if I were you
I would recommend you Windows 8 Pro, but you might have problems with your RAM (2GB is very little nowadays) so if you see it runs very slow etc, change it to Windows 8 (not Pro)

Hope it helped Smile
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