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Full Version: Office 2007 genuine & W7
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Hi all,

Just found this new board, thanks for your help guys !

I'd like to ask one question :

how to get rid of Office 2007 genuine bow when using W7 as OS (which I have legally on my system).

I hope this question's not stupid or is already answered somewhere.



(10-27-2010 12:43 PM)NewEraCracker Wrote: [ -> ]Use this Wink

Thanks a lot, took me less than 10 sec and a reboot to get this working Smile

Microsoft seems to have thrown in the towel on Microsoft Office, that is when it comes to validating your Office program to verify its legitimacy. Late last week, according to and confirmed through a KB 917999, Microsoft has shut down the program to check whether your version of Office is genuine or not.

The silent shutdown of the program by Microsoft was unannounced, but confirmed through the KB article. Microsoft Office will now allow anyone who downloaded templates or pass through add-ins that require the genuine advantage to be completely bypassed, allowing both legitimate and illegitimate versions of Office to download and use extras.

The sudden and silent retirement of Office Genuine Advantage (OGA) means that Microsoft is giving up to prevent piracy of its community-made and in-house developed templates and other downloads.

This still doesn't mean users can install any copy of Microsoft Office, as it still requires you to enter your 25-character key and verify it through Microsoft's activation server. Office Genuine Advantage does not affect Windows Genuine Advantage, which is still an on-going program and required to install some Microsoft programs like Security Essentials.
Hehe. Office doesn't give them money Tongue Windows does.
That's funny.

I agree.
The concept of checking for genuine advantage has been withdrawn from office product range, however the need for activation continues.

Windows still has both activation and genuine advantage check.

but there are many tools to bypass activation in both windows and office these days. If only they make their source code public, there would be fewer bugs in their releases Big Grin
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