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Full Version: Thank you and a warning about Bitdefender
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Almost 4 years ago, I had an issue with my XP desktop PC which I had built myself and was using the retail version of XP SP2, and had to install Anti-WPA. I may have given thanks before, but in case I did not, thanks again.

The AV programs I have had on this PC (Avira Anti-Vir Free and Avast) have been Anti-WPA friendly. A few days ago when I got a new Windows 7 Ultrabook, I decided to go with a 3 license copy of Bitdefender Antivirus Plus. I found out the hard way this morning that it was not Anti-WPA friendly, and it removed it automatically on bootup without giving me the option to tell it to ignore it.

As a result, my PC got caught in an endless loop where it could not find a network connection to send the activation to M$, and I could not login to the desktop. I had to restore a backup I made with Acronis True Image, which was a month old. (I did make a backup image of the corrupted install so I could retrieve any data I needed from it).

I have since decided to keep Avast on the PC, as it has no problems with Anti-WPA. I may end up saving the unused 3rd license from Bitdefender for something else - that is if I can still use it. I am not sure if it phones home.
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