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Full Version: TS Patch failed. Where sdhould I ask?
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after testing it succesfully in a couple of systems TS Patch failed to install in a "real" one...
...I understand this is not the right forum to ask for help about this so can anyone point me to the right place to do so?

Thanks in advance.
More details?
OS? Flavor?

And have you tried this?

... Oh and next time you post in the wrong section. Just report the post Smile

so sorry for the wrong posting, it didn't cross my mind to report myself Smile but I will keep it in mind.

Here's what happened:
I was applying TerminalServicesPatch_v1.4 to a winXP SP3 32 bits system, Avast antivirus disabled.
I think I executed the .bat inside the .rar and the process sort of never completed. When I restarted the system the OS wouldn't get to the logon screen and entered in a restarting loop instead.

I booted a linux liveCD and found that there were .bak versions of the 3 files to be patched, but no patched files. Fortunatley I was able to copy the .bak files to their real names and everything went back to normal.

What puzzels me is that I had applyed the patch in a couple of lab systems without issues (I specifically tested against that same AV) but it failed this time -in a production system, of course Smile - ... I shouldn't be taking too many risks with this computer so I would like to figure out what might have gone wrong...

Thanks in advance.
You have to extract the RAR, then run the patch.
It should work if you do that Smile
ok, you can give me a little more credit than that, LOL, I am not that inexperienced Big Grin

I meant I ran the bat file that came in the archve but of course I did extrarct the rar's contents. (I also read the changelog for comments).

I did not ran the patch from the %system% folder but the changelog clearly states that is not a requirement since version 1.3 or 1.4 , not sure right now.

ah ok. At least run it from a path without spaces.
Also make sure you only apply additional patches if needed.

Also which is the language of Windows XP SP3?
I've successfully applied patch in Portuguese and English editions.
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