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Full Version: TweakNT - Version 1.21
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TweakNT  -WiNBETA by ibi and bophoe
Version 1.21

TweakNT is a utility that allows you to remove, add or edit the timebomb, and change the edition of any NT OS.

It should be fairly self-evident how to use it, if it isnt, I would suggest you don't even try,
as you'll most likely break something.

I will say this as so many people dont get it even though it should be fairly obvious:
TweakNT is 35k, it only makes changes to the registry. This means that converting your os to
anything else is purely cosmetic, it wont install any of the extra compoenents etc... so don't expect
miracles. Also, be careful if you're converting - windows may not like it.

Timebomb is not the same as WPA, timebomb is usually present in betas, and is normally somewhere
between 120 and 360 days.
If there is a timebomb, the build will always be shown on the desktop, consequently, removing
the timebomb will remove the build from desktop (unless you specify it to always show)
TweakNT also allows you to add a timebomb (not sure quite why you might want to do that) of
anywhere between 1 and 93,206 days.

Converting can render your OS completely unusable, do not touch this unless you know what you're
Obviously, You can't convert Windows 2000 to web server, as it doesnt exist, these are for .net
but the basic "ntswitch" will work on all versions of NT.

All changes made by TweakNT are reversible, though in some cases you may not be able to get to a point
where you can run TweakNT to reverse the changes, if this happens you will need to restore the backup
of the registry created by TweakNT.  You will be told the location of this file after the backup is created.
The backup can be restored by renaming or deleting "system" and renaming the backup file to "system".
These files are in \windows\system32\config. This renaming has to be done from a secondary OS.

TweakNT requires vb6 runtimes, if you are using 2000 or NT, you may need to install these.

Improvements in 1.1:
You can now add a timebomb (don't ask why)
Gives install and expiry date
Fixed bug that would make a install with timebomb bigger than 364 days bsod on boot (oops)
Improvements in 1.2:
Added convert to MCE and TabletPC for XP
- not sure what might happen with these on anything other than xpsp1
Anybody knows what this little proggy do and changes at backwards. Which registry keys it changes. A technical deeper explanation not a "It modify system hive"

I saw this tool in cw2k's site and posted it here Smile
I use it to remove timebombs from trial windows versions.

I know it modifies registry but I don't know which keys. Since it works its good for me Tongue
Thanks it worked like a charm
what is cw2k's site?
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