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Full Version: Which antivirus do you use?
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I am wondering which antivirus do you use.

Please vote in poll and reply here if you consider appropriate.

Thank you.
I have tried multiple different anti virus software. My views ... :

1. McAfee Home Protection -
Good for home user who works with regular stuff, limited use and no hanky panky business.

2. McAfee Enterprise - (NEEDS NO CRACK)
If you want stronger real-time protection. As this is designed for the corporate world users, real-time protection and security feature are enhanced, better implemented, updates are regular and automatic, works better for network setups, but i felt it consumed a lot of memory resources.

3. Norton Internet Security -
good if you use the internet frequently and excessive downloads from new, unreliable sites.

4. Norton 360 -
better than NIS as resource management is optimized, and includes system related optimization tools. This is what I am currently using on my Win 7 Ultimate machine.

5. Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition - (NEEDS NO CRACK)
best for those who just need an AV that is good, and consumes less resources. designed for business use, very efficient design, consumes less memory and yet delivers high level of protection.

6. NOD32 -
a very good AV if your resources are limited, but you need good protection. comes highly recommended on multiple forums.

7. AVG -
i used it once, but now i am highly against it as there are a lot of false positives.

8. Kaspersky -
I haven't used this personally, but have heard good reviews for it.

if you are into RE and testing new cracks frequently, i would suggest NOD32 on a VM, as it eats lesser resources, and much less false positives.
I use legit ZoneAlarm Security. Smile
I'd recommend getting this in addition to your virus protection software:
ZenOK Free Antivirus
There's been many times when I've tried everything to get rid of a virus or malware and this is the only thing that's ultimately identified and eliminated it.
Well, when I'm not using Linux, I'm using W2kP with AVG 7.5.557 because the actual core of the newest is actually 6 or 6.5 since then the program gone bloated.
So for the last few years I've been getting the virus definitions manually from here:
[top of list]

It still works but I find after returning to it I'm using Linux 90% of the time but still need Winblows for legacy items.
As for projects, I usually start in Office '97 then clean-up with the cross-platform Open Office but things at Oracle
have brought out a new open source office suite that I may try later this year. LibreOffice I think it is called.
You mean 8 and 8.5 got bloated. Tongue

I used to use AVG 7.5 but after program got bloated switched to Avast.
I am currently using Bitdefender in laptop and Kaspersky in home computer Smile
Microsoft Security Essentials here Tongue
I use AVG...
KIS (kaspersky internet security) 2010 best known thingWink
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