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Full Version: vmprotect + delphi 2012 OEP found + fix Import = Crash any help will be appreciated !
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I have a crackme coded in delphi 2012 + vmprotect new version.
Now i have OEP + import's fixed but dump.exe not working.
Anyone having any idea what is going on with this thing.
Download Crackme

1.OEP: found using "PEid v0.95" > OEP Finder.And i have manually checked, i know this is the real OEP.Big Grin
2.import's fixed using "UIF" and "ImportREC".Big Grin

Its not enough to just find oep and fix it. You know that right?take a look at lcf-at's scripts for vmprotect and analyse what it does. Usually you have stolen bytes fake IAT etc. PEiD wont find vmprotects oep lol usually you must trace vmed oep. Imprec also wont find the correct IAT unless you patch it or do it manually for imprec to work.
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