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Full Version: Why Has No-one Released a Windows Activation ID Keygen?
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There are two excellent XP WPA cracks here, but they do not make a fully licensed installation of XP. AntiWAT works fine untill you boot into Safe Mode, in which case you are presented with a message to the effect that the 30 day trial period is over and you cannot continue loading windows. Anti Product Activation Crack 2.3 will patch winlogon.exe, so the crack will have to be reapplied if you run System File Checker.

I am curious as to why no-one has reverse engineered the algorithm used to produce a valid activation key based on the hardware ID generated by the activation wizard. It does seem to be doable judging by the X-Force keygen released for Autodesk products and which I can confirm really do work. Like the Windows activation Autodesk activation generates a hardware ID, except that it relies on only one component - your network adapter, and the ID is generated from it's IP address. This IP address is checked every time you load the Autodesk application.

Licenturion gmbh produce product keys and activation and they have published papers on WPA as well as a demo program that will output the installation ID, the product key, MAC address, and volume serial number for XP RC1, along with the source code. They note that 'only the executables contain the cryptographic key'. The research based on their reverse engineering of WPA along with demo programs can be obtained at

Here is an article on WPA for newbies
I have kinda been wondering the same thing to be honest Im sure its doable too.
Windows Activation key is not needed. All OEM's are required to provide license on computer. However, this license is never used. Instead, they use OEM licensing mechanism that is embedded into bios. Look into SLIC. Once you are familiar with SLIC, then you can make use of it to your advantage. Simple method SLIC -> Windows 7 activation -> Windows 10 activation -> Windows 11 activation. SLIC table can be injected into bios to make easier. Alternatively, you can use sticker license to perform same procedure for custom computers. This same concept also applies for going from Home Premium to Professional to Ultimate.
Example: if you wish to have Windows 11 Professional then you must start with Windows 7 Professional. If SLIC doesn't have Professional then you use Home Premium and OEM Anytime Upgrade to switch to Professional or Ultimate. Once you are here, then continue the process.

Sure this seems like it is lengthy process but end result is legitimate license for computer. Then you can reinstall Windows 10 or 11 clean and it will always work and without depending on crack.
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