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Full Version: AntiWPA or AntiWAT? Recommended method on patching Windows XP and Server 2003
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Pardon the blonde question, I just installed my Windows 2003 standard server x64, sp2 and it's coming up with the "Activate Windows" box as I'd expect it to.

What do I patch it with? AntiWPA or AntiWAT?

Quick & friendly reply would be appreciated.
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AntiWAT patches more stuff Smile
(04-03-2011 09:27 PM)NewEraCracker Wrote: [ -> ]AntiWAT patches more stuff Smile

It's worked like a charm for just about 2 weeks now. Thanks !! Heart
We'll see what happens after 31 days. Tongue
Only then you can say it worked like a charm.
(04-19-2011 01:30 PM)NewEraCracker Wrote: [ -> ]We'll see what happens after 31 days. Tongue
Only then you can say it worked like a charm.


you told her to use AntiWat over the WPA, well for the first time the bedroom machine running XP Home [its' only function is as a PVR] crapped
out with those 'must activate' dialogues no matter what I do. So for the first time I'm going to give it a try...the damn thing only gets connected to the 'net to sync its' running fast clock with NIST. IF I have to re-load this time I'm just going to keep the bare necessities for running the tuner and capture A-V, just Ghostwall to keep 'net intruders out while I sync the clock once a week and that's it.

Then if it works, all my HTPC projects are going to get patched...I only need XP because of its' better hibernation ability [which was supposed to go into W2kP] it is because of this activation nonsense that I took to running W2kP and Linux in dual boot in the first place on my workstations.
Even in windows now I use open source,like VLC, instead of the Redmond stuff.

Wish me luck I won't have time until Monday to try to fix XPH but I'll keep you updated in feedback in a week.
Any updates on this? I justt applied AntiWAt to Win2k3 Server 32-Bit Standard R2. It is safe to say by now that this patch will last more than 30 days?

Also, i noticed that i cannot run the Activation wizard anymore with the command (oobe/msoobe /a) to see what activation says.

Is there another way i can verify that the patch will work after 30 days have passed?
(04-19-2011 01:30 PM)NewEraCracker Wrote: [ -> ]We'll see what happens after 31 days. Tongue
Only then you can say it worked like a charm.
Just compare Antiwpa-V3.4.6 for X64 and X86.ZiP and
  • X86\freewat.dll -> just 'facelift' no real codechanges
  • xpgen.reg
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion]
    * "LicenseInfo" =... is unnecessary
    Note: these are no really LicenseInfo - it's a fake name - it's part of WPA-TimerDate ( <- search for 'LicenseInfo')
    * "DigitalProductId" = ... forcing in the Serial/CDKEY like this will just generate straight forward errors with any Vorsorglich M$ checking if it's no volumenversion + the oembios.dat pidgen.dll and dpcdll.dll matches to that.

    "OOBETimer" = ... okay that makes some sense since that is is used by the WPA-GUI part to check if XP is Activated.
  • AntiWAT.cmd -

    Quote: REG DELETE "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify\WgaLogon" /f 1>nul 2>nul
    REG ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WPAEvents" /f 1>nul 2>nul
    REG RESTORE "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WPAEvents" "" 1>nul 2>nul
    Well the order makes not much sense first you 'REG ADD ' and in next line you overwrite the imported changes with REG RESTORE.
    However access rights are probably fine there is so need for - in some it cause it may do more harm than use and the key "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WPAEvents" may get unaccessible or unwriteable.
  • Blocking
    Well it's not used - is there really a need for this. I wouldn't do that until there's a really benefit / indication for.
  • Deleting "wgalogon.dll" and "wgatray.exe" works to get rid of the WGA.
    However Windows update may notice and so keep on 'asking' you all the time to reinstall WGA. <-Well I'm not sure about that / habe not tested it again but I thought to remember this 'problem'.

AntiWAT =
Antiwpa-V3.4.6 for X64 and X86.ZiP
+ others\WPA counterfreezer 1.0 utils (antiwpa3 win2k3 fix).ZiP\set-oobe-activated
+ delete WGA
+ one/two harmless but unnecessary changes

All in all it's fine and a nice all round solution.
Agreed. Locking this topic and sticking it for time being.

As we all know those systems are now End-Of-Life and will not get any further updates. This good because crack will not be overwritten by the updates anymore.

You still need to be aware and add proper exceptions to your antivirus software if you have one installed. Furthermore I do recommend having a good hardware firewall that actively protects your Windows XP/2003 system.

Your security begins at the network level and you should not ignore it. Never connect XP/2003 directly and openly to the Internet.

I personally still run one XP box because of my printer not working on Windows 7. This XP box is disconnected from the Internet and files are passed to it via an USB support from another trusted computer running fully updated software.

I always recommend getting Volume licenses as those do not require activation via Microsoft servers. Otherwise, I recommend the following two easy to undo solutions:

AntiWPA 2.3.x - Patches winlogon.exe to disable activation layer:
AntiWPA 3.4.6 - Patches windows activation via "hooking" method:

I recommend both because they are compatible with each other and will enable good fallback in case one fails for any reason.

I previously released this version (3.5.1) but beware it does tamper somethings and if your key is legit, you don't want your system to be tampered with:

Hoping this is helpful.
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