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Full Version: Which browser do you use?
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I use chrome and opera, firefox seems too heavy
I use Google Chrome
I'm also running Google Chrome, but for web development I use FireFox. Chrome operates faster IMO, so that's what I use when browsing the web ^^

In fact, I read a security test regarding Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE and Opera was included to, as far as I remember.. Surprisingly enough, IE took the price as the most secure Tongue
Mozilla Firefox, but i think Google Chrome is way lighter in resources.
I just fall in love with FF, old geek..
Currently Rocking Chrome for it's stability and speed though I do miss the mass amount of plug ins from Firefox
Well, Google Chrome or Firefox might be safest against exploits. I use both, depending on what I'm doing Tongue
I am big fan of Google chrome

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Firefox, Aris has placed scripts for doing what Classic Theme Restorer used to do, find them over at mozillazine or github.
See my posts there as well, got my tabs below the nav bar again [on the bottom] thanks to him.
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