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Full Version: Which browser do you use?
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I use Mozilla Firefox. You?
FF all the way!
(11-15-2010 11:27 PM)Dark_Hunter Wrote: [ -> ]FF all the way!

all other browsers crashed at least once on my PC, firefox never !

I use both the Fox and Chrome. Chrome if I just want to jump on really quickly. The fox for most everything else.
Moxila of course till a better one came up
As per my apprehending, Google Chrome is the best web browser, It's available for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. I use Google Chroma web browser in my HP laptop, It's best for surf and very easy to use.
all browser insalled on my pc , ie9, opera, safari, ff 4. but i am use chrome for daily. and other for web development testing.
firefox.. but they come shitty since we cannot hide status bar on version 11
I like Google Chorme.. its good
chrome cuz mozzila uses too much memory and is too slow for my taste
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