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Full Version: Need help patching mso.dll
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Anyone on this forum familiar with slipstreaming patched mso.dll (MS Office 2003 part) into CAB?

I have followed instructions on this thread:
Quote:>I'm wondering if I can somehow edit the files on the install cd so that it will patch it automaticly or just install a patched version?
1.Extract O1561412.CAB to some
2.Patch mso.dll
3. Repack file via makecab.exe(windows\system32)
Place this
MAKECAB.ddf in the upper Dir
; DIAMOND directive file
.OPTION EXPLICIT ; Generate errors on variable typos
.Set CabinetNameTemplate=mycab.CAB

;** The files specified below are stored, compressed, in cabinet files
.Set Cabinet=on
.Set Compress=on
.Set CompressionType=LZX
.Set CompressionMemory=21
.Set MaxDiskSize=2147483136

and complete it by adding a filelist via
"dir /b >>..\makecab.ddf" <- run this from inside extractiondir
Now create the cab by running
makecab /f ..\makecab.ddf

I did this but Office 2003 installation thinks CAB is corrupt and does not fully install. It must be packed wrong. Sad
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