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Full Version: Windows Home Server
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first, thank you very much for all this tools, work great with most of my computer.

I have a computer with windows home server, try anti wpa 3, but it still ask me for activation, 20 days left.

Could someone help me ?


Windows Home Server version?
32 bits or 64 bits architecture?

Windows Home Server 5.2 (Service pack 2)
I think it' 32bit architecture (not sure).

Download AntiWPA 2.3 and apply it.

Thank for your answer.
I've already do that, it works a few hours (maybe 1 day) but the it ask me to activate (with the number of days - 18 days left)

I try to apply this patch again, it says me: already patched.

Thanks for your help
So you have applied the patches.

There is a trick but its a bit "dangerous" since it involves registry changes.
Since you applied patches, WPA patching is done in the files.

Run regedit and browse the following location [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WPAEvents]
Click the folder icon saying WPAEvents, select Permissions, select SYSTEM, tick deny boxes and apply.

Reboot and report the outcome.
Thank you - that regedit trick did it for my server Big Grin

Thank you
Bravo de la france merci beaucoup !!
Thanks i did it for my server, it's perfect.
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