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Full Version: What is your favorite game?
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1. Avoid double post, you only need to talk about your favorite game only one time.
2. Avoid spamming, the rules are clear, spam = ban.

I'll start.

My favorite game is GrandChase. Cool
Tzar - The Burden Crown... oldie but goldie... Smile
My favourite game? It's funny you should ask!

Joining a forum, with limited forum categories and getting up to 30 posts without spamming! Tongue

Mario Kart, the original on the snes. I loved that game.
Am an indoor gamer. I love chess.
Battlefield 3
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3

pes 2012 Shy
CS 1.6
Hmmm, probably FarCry 2. (Tho' I sure as hell wish they'd bring out some new single-player maps/missions!) Just love the atmosphere, how effectively they recreated tropical African environments.Cool
minesweeper Big Grin
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