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Full Version: Which Linux Distro do you use?
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So title says it all, which linux distro do you use?
On 3 Server i use Debian Squeeze
On 1 Server Centos (because Cpanel supports only Centos as stable)

My Life is Debian :-)
i use ubuntu and centos
i'm Slack User
I use CentOS on my Main server to virtualize with XEN.
And I use CentOS too to run cPanel on my virtualized server. Wink

But Debian is my life. I love that. Smile
I use in my work, Fedora. But in home i use windows.
On Desktop, I used Ubuntu (dual boot with Windows) and for server of course use CentOS because cPanel only stable on CentOS.. Big Grin
I use Ubuntu as desktop os and Debian as server os, voted for ubuntu because I spend most time on it Smile
I currently use Backtrack 5 rc2 which is a version of Ubuntu though I am extremely fond of Slax
Started with the old Mandrake, then Mandriva but now I like PCLinuxOS.
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