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Full Version: [UNSUPPORTED] HAL7600 — Permanent Windows {7/N/Server/Enterprise} Activation
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Current Version: v1.2, released 2011/01/15

With the new year comes a new release from the team that brought you Chew-WGA and Chew7, now partnering with secr9tos and Fibonacci from The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (known for their development of R2 Converter). We present a new era of activation technology in our release of HAL7600, affectionately named after the HAL 9000 sentient on-board computer of the Discovery One spacecraft in Arthur C. Clarke's fictional Space Odyssey saga.

Download & Source:
Added information to previous post.
Does it work with Win7 64 Ultimate SP1?
Should work Smile
It works, but craps out a error message.
I'm currently in the process of updating one of my nodes with SP1, so i will edit this post with the error message once i get around to running HAL7600 again.

EDIT: The error messages i get is
"The System Properties Control Panel could not be reassembled!"
"The Software License UI API could not be reassembled!"
"The Software Protection Platform Notification Service could not be reassembled!"
"The Software Protection Platform WMI Provider could not be reassembled!"
"The Software Licensing WGA API could not be reassembled!"
"The Multi-User Windows USER API Client DLL could not be reassembled!"

Also, i see that all modules have this line:

[FAIL] timestamp duplicate

Hope this helps in debugging as the program in itself is a very good piece of work.
Since this method is no longer supported, the thread has been closed.
If method is updated please PM me or open a new thread in this forum.
Thank you.
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