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Full Version: WPA not working
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I installed antiwpa 3 on xp Pro w/ sp3 and the activation count down continues. However is has stayed at 20 days for 2 days in a row now. When the antiwpa is working ok what indications become apparent? Does the count down disappear?
You're not alone..3.4.6 and the "Generic" fail on updated images and installs every time(not just SP3 either). The only thing from antiWPA community that I've ever see that actually worked was the 350 mod by neweracracker that they don't share anymore. I'm not even sure that still works(I'm also not sure why they put 3.4.6 and "Generic" on the new forum since they don't work except for outdated installs(and then get nuked via multiple hotfixes))...

I suggest you use the .reg file method mentioned elsewhere. MS seems to have killed the winlogon.exe patching and hooking methods all these tools use, in a recent update, and as you can see active developers and/or support are non-existent for NT5.
lol. I found it on my HDD and uploaded it Smile
make sure to disable AV and run it on safemode

it should be working
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