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I would like if possible to give me names of some anti-ddos programs, of, http flooder etc to my server.

A program that monitors the connection, incoming, outgoing, with graphs, graphs of bandwidth consumption, and so on.

If you have other interesting programs can list, will help me a lot to decide the best for me.

Tks for all help. Sleepy
You can buy it with hardware firewall dedicated server.

So prices is high.

How much you receiving PPS attack ?

I'm recommed to you
Anti-Ddos Free y Pro
I think that JDAutoSpeed might be the tool that your looking for
Clouflare + lightspeed is the best solution i found
Is your server running Linux or Windows? For a Linux anti-(D)DoS solution, you can use (D)DoS Deflate.
I recommend this friendly support and fast respon.
have you tried cacti?
(07-27-2012 09:59 AM)derox Wrote: [ -> ]have you tried cacti?

Can you tell what is cacti?
(07-07-2012 01:28 PM)jenyene Wrote: [ -> ]Clouflare + lightspeed is the best solution i found

I need more information about lightspeed, please. tks
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