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Full Version: How do you deal with antivirus?
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Hi, while my specific issue has to do with a TS patch rather than windows activation I guess it still applies to al this tools.

For some tests I needed to patch the wxp TS service and the antivirus blocked the files right upon decompression.
I know I could disable it and create an exeption but how safe is that as antivirus download new definitions and -more importantly- new versions (i.e. from 4.8 to 5.0)?
Are the exeptions on the individual files generally honored by the AVs?

I guess the core of the question is "what can be done to prevent the system from getting locked due to an AV removing the patched files"?

Thanks in advance!
About TS patch. anti-virus deletes the patchers. not the patched files Smile
Hi, thank you!
Can I more o less remain confident the files won´t be deleted and the system locked? Not that I am asking for any guarantees, it´s just to know what I can expect from the situation.

Well, this morning on my W2kP machine, AVG [7.5.557] with Virus base 270.14.151/3707 with a release date of 6/16/2011 6:34AM
just false positive as a trojan both the Generic AntiWPA and the V3.4.6 file. So I just released them[from the vault] back to where they were residing.
For unfortunately while W2k shuts down faster than XP, when building a HTPC/PVR, XP has the better hibernation routine,though I haven't yet tried
Hazars's suggestion to wittle down 2k with nLite to 90MB, its just easier to slap in XP with just the basics and add the AntiWPA for a machine that stays off-line.
Then I can go away for awhile, whereas 2k is slow to hibernate and doesn't always succeed.

EDIT: Of course,these days if you want to avoid activation, I dual-boot Linux for those extended sessions on-line.
if the patcher you use is infected you would get warnings,
I m using TS patcher that is cool with MS Essentials AV

better be careful patcher you use is safe...
i blck my AV and patch windows
mse is good
I usually buy a Kaspersky liscence every year. Simple to use and never had any problems.
Bitdefender doesn't like it, and it will remove Anti-WPA without prompting on bootup.

I found this out the hard way this morning.

Rebooted the PC, Bitdefender removed Anti-WPA. Got the activation prompt, it could not find a network connection and kept logging me off. I decided to restore a backup made with Acronis True Image which was a month old. Ran it using the BartPE plugin, it hung at 36 seconds to go. I had to force a reboot, and the partition I had been restoring to was now unallocated. But instead to restoring to it, I made the rather dumb mistake of restoring to the other partition on the drive, which had data on it. I have since found backups of about 98% of what was on there.

So Avast, which was what I used before BD, is now back on the PC. It has no problem with Anti-WPA. I also have had no problems in the past with Avira Anti-Vir Free. I got rid of them because they started bundling adware.
Use a FUD crypter that doesn't break reloc or VA handling of the binary...

Russian owned AVs are usually safe for loaders and patched binaries...
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